Bear Market

A Bear Market is a period of time when the stock market is in a downward trend and securities prices consistently fall. This is the opposite of a bull market.

In a Bear Market you should:

1: Evaluate your portfolio: Maybe this is a time to take some profit, or cut some losses. Keep in mind that not all prices follow market conditions, and some stock prices might increase even in bear market conditions.

2: Set realistic expectations: Don’t expect to catch the bottom or the top of a bull or bear market, just protect your portfolio and have some realistic expectations that stock prices might not climb as high or go as low as your think.

When and if short selling in a bear market, understand that market conditions can and will change, normally when you less expect them.

With this being said, maybe it’s time to examine your more favorite stocks and see if they are at a good entry price for you.

Bear Market
Bear Market

Opposite of a Bull Market